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Valtrex is an antiviral drug used to treat herpes zoster, genital herpes, and herpes cold sores on the face and lips.

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Generic Valtrex 1000mg

Package Price Per Pills Savings Shipping Order
1000 mg x 60 pills Rp4 109 446.99 Rp68 435.37 Rp423 911.40 Free Airmail Shipping
1000 mg x 48 pills Rp3 367 602.04 Rp70 097.77 Rp259 334.03 Free Airmail Shipping
1000 mg x 36 pills Rp2 566 880.51 Rp71 344.57 Rp149 615.79  
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1000 mg x 12 pills Rp906 560.85 Rp75 500.56 Rp0.00  

Generic Valtrex 500mg

Package Price Per Pills Savings Shipping Order
500 mg x 90 pills Rp3 179 196.98 Rp35 325.95 Rp1 496 157.89 Free Airmail Shipping
500 mg x 60 pills Rp2 343 149.49 Rp39 066.34 Rp773 014.91  
500 mg x 48 pills Rp2 025 215.94 Rp42 252.61 Rp465 471.34  
500 mg x 36 pills Rp1 601 304.54 Rp44 469.14 Rp269 308.42  
500 mg x 24 pills Rp1 165 617.82 Rp48 625.13 Rp79 795.09  
500 mg x 12 pills Rp623 953.25 Rp51 949.93 Rp0.00  

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